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Some dirt and organisms like lichens can be hard to remove using a standard lance or patio cleaner. Most pressure washers come with a rotary pencil jet nozzle that can provide up to 80% more power. By switching to this lance you can ensure even the most stubborn dirt can be removed. It is important to note that the increased power of these lances means they blackjack poker online free should only be used on hard surfaces such as stone or brickwork, sensitive surfaces such as wood or vehicle paintwork may be damaged if cleaned with this type of lance. Our T-Racer patio cleaners ensure optimum cleaning results with a gentle action, over large and small areas. The innovative combination of high-pressure and height-adjustable nozzles creates a hovercraft effect which allows the patio cleaner to hover over the ground, giving you uniform results without any spray, thereby protecting both you and surrounding areas from dirt.